Power to gas is a method for producing hydrogen or methane from renewable sources. The oilfree Mehrer piston compressors enable an efficient compression and thus a further processing of hydrogen immediately after its recovery.

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Water treatment

The oilfree Mehrer compressors exclude impurities during the water recovery and thus guarantee the highest water quality. For these special requirements, our oilfree compressors are optimally prepared with a special coating like for example corrosion.

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Biomethane grid injection with booster

One of the most promising uses of biomass is the production of biogas. The highly efficient Mehrer booster compressors inject the on natural gas quality recovered biomethane in the natural gas grid. As a result, conventional natural gas can be used elsewhere and an important contribution to climate protection can be made. 

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Biogas recovery/Biogas treatment

Biogas can be used for generating electrical energy, for operation of vehicles or to be fed to a gas supply system. The highly efficient Mehrer compressors ensure an oilfree and efficient recovery and compression of the gas.

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Application brochure

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