If a plant has a defect or has exceeded its service life, a new purchase is not always the optimal solution. The purchase costs often include other factors such as a fit in the existing footprint, new controls and possibly required training for employees.

With our retrofit method, we offer you an interesting alternative to the acquisition of a new plant in many ways.


Lower costs than with new purchase

No time-consuming training required

Elimination of production modifications

Increased potential of your plant

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Where can I find my serial number?

The serial number can be found on the nameplate of your compressor system.


Retrofit options

A retrofit upgrade makes it possible to optimize your system sequentially. Despite low capital expenditure, this technology can be realized, which in turn improve your production conditions. In addition, your maintenance costs are reduced and your process reliability increases.

Mechanical adjustments

  • Re-engineering of your plant according to P & I diagram
  • Change of the piston diameter
  • Material change of the piston and packing rings used
  • Adaptations of the system periphery aligned with your process
  • Adjustments of the existing documentation

Electrical adjustments

  • Adaptation of the control due to new process conditions
  • Replacing the drive motors
  • Upgrade the sensors (Ex / non-Ex)
  • Revision of the control concept

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