Service Academy

The idea of ​​the Service Academy

The Mehrer Service Academy is the basis and prerequisite of any service partnership with Mehrer. This ensures the high quality of our service assignments worldwide.

Your benefits
Security, legal authorization, competent knowledge transfer, practical and clear, individual tailoring to your training requirements, own action


Mehrer Training room with speaker and participants
Mehrer Training room with speaker and participants

We want you to be an expert at yours Mehrer make compressor. We offer various training modules to prepare you thoroughly for your "Mehrer Pressure System" to prepare.

So that you can get the best out of your systems and thus secure a competitive edge, we provide you and your company with the necessary application knowledge from over 135 years of experience.

We tailor the training to your individual needs. We design the transfer of know-how consistently, practically and clearly. It covers everything from the basics to specialist knowledge of yours Mehrer Compressor.

Our competent knowledge transfer ranges from operator training to maintenance and repair training to topics such as process optimization and many more.

From inspection to preventive maintenance: We show your employees how to preventively Mehrer Maintain compressor. We will discuss with you, for example, the intervals appropriate to your production in which you can optimally Mehrer compressor, you Mehrer aggregate or yours Mehrer Servicing the system, servicing or replacing components. This increases the longevity of your solution and minimizes downtime.

Structure and content of the training modules

Generally, each training module lasts two days and is divided into a theoretical and practical part. The main focus is on the practice-oriented part, to train the use of special tools, Mehrer original spare parts and the Mehrer-easy-maintenance-kits.


basic training

The following contents are shown in the basic training:
- Function and operation of the compressor types
- Service, inspection and maintenance

With our balanced mix of theory and practice, we can guarantee you a sustainable knowledge structure.

Advanced training

The advanced training concentrates on the following contents:
- Maintenance / repair of compressor plants
- Internal sealing systems as well as engine components

Also in the second training module practical learning comes first!

In addition to comprehensive theoretical foundations for the design and operation of a compressor plant, I was able to gather many valuable experiences, especially in the practical part. Ideal premises as well as excellently trained instructors are only examples of the highly recommended training sessions of the Mehrer Compression GmbH.

Axel Gerecke, Ecos Richter GmbH

Further components of our service portfolio


Mehrer Service fitter retrofits compressor

Field Service

Mehrer Service technician screws on the cylinder cover of the compressor

Original Spare Parts

Mehrer Original spare part MEM kit

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